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Watching our pets age or become terminally ill isn't easy.

Having to let them go is even harder.

Pet sessions include both photo + video to remember them by on after they've crossed the rainbow bridge.

 - In Memory of Rhea -

As if 2020 wasn't bad enough for everyone - that spring we had to say goodbye to our 5 year old rottie/sharpei mix "Rae Rae" due to a very sudden onset of skin cancer.

We miss her excited prancing, her lack-of-personal-space cuddles, and her adorable barks that sounded like “roo roooooo”.She was so so gentle and loved everyone she met. She was a little cross-eyed but it just made her more endearing. 

It’s not fair that she was so young. It’s not fair that after rescuing her from such a terrible situation that we only got 2 1/2 years with her. But baby girl, I hope we showed you enough love in those two years to make up for it all.

We don't have nearly enough pictures and videos to remember her by, which is why I started offering donation-based pet sessions for sick/senior animals.


Hailey | 16 yrs | Pitbull Terrier

Luna | 11 yrs | Beagle Mix

Yoshi | 15 yrs | Pug

Jovi| 14 yrs | King Charles Cavalier


What to Expect

How do Pet Sessions work?


The Cost

I do not charge a regular session fee for senior pet session. All require is a donation of whatever you see fit or can spare to cover my time and travel. I know this season of a pet's life can be filled with unexpected costs. Senior pet sessions are my passion project - the thing that makes my heart happy. <3


The Location

I want to make sure I come to you during these sessions. Why? Because your pet will feel more comfortable! We will just hang out as your pet gets used to me with my camera ready. After about 30 minutes we may go outside, play a little, etc. Whatever your pet is up for and whatever showcases them the best!


The Process

After you have reached out to book a senior pet session, you will receive a short questionnaire about your pet to make sure I capture everything that you love most about them - quirks and all. 


The Memories

After your senior pet session, you will receive the photos and video via online gallery to download. 

I also offer high-quality albums and prints to display and cherish as keepsakes after your pet has crossed the rainbow bridge

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