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Allie and Bryan | Reunited High School Sweethearts

Allie had faith in me back at the beginning of 2021 and booked me with only 6 weddings under my belt. By the time it was her turn to be a bride, I had filmed over 50 weddings.

Allie and Bryan's story is one for the books, and it was so sweet to hear them both talk about it in their vows to each other. They met and dated in high school and even went to prom together, but went their separate ways. And even though they stayed in touch, the time was just never right until a few years ago. That's when they rekindled their love 10 years later, and Bryan proposed, promising himself he wouldn't let her get away this time.

One of the most special things about their wedding was the father/daughter dance that occurred between Bryan and Allie's four year old daughter. Having had a "step-dad' myself that married my mom when I was only 2 1/2, I know how important it is to have such a solid and caring father figure step up. My dad has never felt like a step parent and I'm sure they'll have the same relationship. <3

The couple left in style and had a limo waiting for them after their sparker send off. Having a fun getaway car is always a favorite touch!



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