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Amber and Charles | Married at The Magnolia in the Smoky Mtns

This was my first time shooting at The Magnolia. And, I don't know if you've ever been there - but its not the easiest to find. I always try to arrive 15-30 minutes early to have time to unload my car, get my gear set up, and get a lay of the land of the venue. But this day I may or may not have gotten lost. There was a shuttle for guests in a parking lot about 5 minutes away that I ended up calling to get directions because neither my GPS on my phone or my navigation built into my car could get me to the right place. I was so worried about pulling into someone's cabin and disrupting their vacation, but finally arrived at the top of the mountain to the stunning views of The Magnolia.

Despite the winter weather that was moving in that evening, it was a beautiful day. It was the perfect temperature and not windy at all. Amber and Charles were both so relaxed on their wedding day as the amazing staff at Elite Wedding Planning handled every little detail. I was lucky enough to work alongside Derek Halkett who I immediately clicked with and he even shared his experience and sage advice from being in the industry for so long.

Amber and Charles elected to do a first look in order to settle their nerves pre-ceremony and Charles could hardly hold his tears in. Amber looked stunning and Charles couldn't keep his eyes off of her. The Magnolia isn't the largest venue but it has these special little nooks around the property that alone for the most beautiful images and footage, including the secluded tree-lined knoll.

I love it when guests really let loose and have a good time and dance. I know having me there filming their bad dance moves can be a little nerve wrecking but the footage it makes is *priceless* and my couples love seeing their friends and families having a good time. One of the best dancers of the night definitely had to go to Amber's grandmother.

It should be known that Charles gets an honorable mention for his dance moves as well, even though he was only on the dance floor once or twice. (;

One of everyone's favorite parts of a wedding is the cake, although Amber didn't expect a face full of it. Because of Charles's height he had an unfair advantage and shoved cake up Amber's nose during their cake cutting.

And that wasn't the only dessert the couple had for their guests to indulge in. About halfway through the reception, a gelato truck climbed the mountain and served some delicious cones. It was definitely a hit as there was always a line in front of their food truck, but we took a second to get a fun shot of Amber and Charles with their sweet treats before leaving for the night.


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Amber Hall
Amber Hall
Apr 07, 2022

I love this so much!!! Thank you so much for taking the time to write about our day. It was such a great day. Thank you for capturing it for us :) and I love the shots with my grandma. Very special 🥰🥰

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