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Josh and Emma | Adventure Awaits

When Josh reached out via Instagram about filming their wedding, I could instantly tell I was going to enjoy working with him and Emma. An issue had arose with their previously booked videographer and he was trying to take something off her plate by finding a replacement. What a guy. They had had to reschedule their original wedding last August due to Emma getting COVID and they had gotten legally married between now and then, so this was to be more of an intimate celebration of their marriage - but that didn't make it any less special!

The wedding was in a matter of weeks, but after chatting for almost a hour during our initial call, everything worked out. Josh and I instantly bonded over being geeks (they had an instrumental song from Lord of the Rings play before their ceremony) and Emma is so down to earth and has this girl next door vibe that makes you want to have her as your best friend. I always laugh because my last minute couples end up being some of my favorite to work with - and it was no different with these two!

It was my first time shooting at The Ruskin in Dickson, TN and as I pulled in I was floored by how gorgeous it is up there. I love nature and history so I was basking in the waterfalls, the cave, the cottage, and the old college.

This was the first time my husband had come along to help me second shoot and carry around my equipment since I was still nursing injuries from my car accident. It was fun to have him there to really see what I do (and see why my feet and back hurt so much after a full day of shooting! lol).

While shooting footage of just Emma and Josh, I knew that I wanted to take them to the cherry trees that lined the entrance to the venue. The photographer, Danna Richardson, had the great idea to try to get some of the petals from the limbs of the trees fall while taking a picture/filming a shot, but we were finding it difficult to make it work. Alex with Vision in White events who was the couple's planner/coordinator, came in clutch and shook an entire limb while we all got "the shot" we needed.

At the reception, an eight piece band hit the stage providing live music for everyone to enjoy and to make their special dances even more special.

I love it when couples think a little outside the box and think of small things to add to their wedding to make it a bit more personal. Emma and Josh had a coffee bar, provided by Proverbial Cup.

Love poured from everyone I talked to as I made my rounds during the reception doing a video guestbook and the toasts given by their family and friends were similar. I'm so grateful I was able to connect with them both and cannot wait to deliver their finished films!



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