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Madison and Demitri | A Little Bit of Elegance, A Little Bit of Urban


See their sneak peek here: Madison and Demitri's wedding was the first I was to film after my bad car accident the previous weekend. I didn't know it at the time, but I was dealing with 2 broken ribs - but that didn't stop me from making sure I got the right shots and breaking out in dance now and then. As soon as I arrived at The Mill & Mine in downtown Knoxville, Madi greeted me like an old friend and we clicked instantly. She immediately took me to meet Daisy, who was there for moral support and to celebrate her mom and dad. It isn't uncommon for me to go the extra mile on a wedding day by helping out wherever I can (bustling, pinning, etc.) but this is the first time that I took on the roll of dog walker - but I volunteered! That's what happens when you hire an animal lover!

The reception hall was decorated by family and friends and let me tell you - they KILLED it. The moment I walked in, I was floored by how gorgeous it was. Madi even got to sneak a peak at the reception hall from the upstairs window and even she was in awe!

Anytime I shoot at a venue in a downtown area, I love to stop traffic and get some footage in the road. There is something about the downtown vibe that just makes for some really cool images and videos. While we were considerate to drivers, we need back up some traffic a few times to get all of the wedding party and the couple in the road for a shot. I feel like it is one of those "ask for forgiveness instead of permission" kind of things. People can't get mad at you if its your wedding day right?

As we were coming back in from taking pictures and getting shots of her and her bridesmaids, Madison passed a mirror and realized she hadn't seen herself all put together since she put her dress on. We were running a little behind (which happens at *every* wedding, trust me) and she was so worried about getting everything done before the ceremony that she hadn't stopped to check herself out.

Madi's nerves started to hit her before the ceremony so while she was waiting to be called down, her and her friends broke out in a line dance to Cupid Shuffle.

While they had a delicious, not to mention beautiful, wedding cake, the couple also served a full dessert bar which was VERY popular. It was full of pies, cookies, brownies, and other scrumptious desserts that kept everyone sugared up and ready to party.

One of my favorite things about this wedding was that Madi and Mitri both came from really large families and so to have so many people there to support them and witness the blending of families and cultures was a really special thing to be apart of.

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