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Lexi and Jackson | Centennial Art Center, Nashville TN

I say it all the time - some of my favorite weddings to film have been the ones that have booked last minute. And Lexi and Jackson's wedding was no exception. Lexi reached out to me less than 5 weeks before her wedding. They weren't sold on having a videographer but she had seen a post of mine on Facebook and something just clicked, and I'm so glad it did. I get along with all my couples, but there are some I just want to hang out with after the wedding festivities are over and they're definitely one of those couples.

There's a cute little story about two ducks that frequent the Centennial Herb Garden every year, and while ducks don't normally pick the same mate year after year - these two ducks have stuck together. Lexi and Jackson decided to pay tribute to the ducks by naming their signature cocktails after them, served by the Aero Bar. They also used a duck stamp for everyone to show at the food trucks to let them know they were with the wedding. And while the ducks didn't make an appearance (it was a little chilly), they were there in spirit. It's the little details that matter guys <3

At the beginning of the day, I met up with Lexi and her bridesmaids at Harlowe Salon to get some shots of them getting ready. The hair stylist had done the coolest thing and made her little sister's hair into a rose - and then even added some glitter on it. Definitely my favorite hair style of the day!

While there were multiple personal and special touches throughout the day, one of the sweetest was being serenaded by a friend for their first dance.

Wild Bill and the Bruisers kept everyone entertained that evening with some amazing jams and energetic performances. Live music just hits differently at a reception. Though, they when Lexi's little sister requested "Fancy Like" by Walker Hayes they had to sadly decline because they definitely hadn't performed it before. I have to give it to them though - they did learn a Beyonce song on the fly for one of the last songs of the evening.



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